100% Pure Snake Oil by Gadgetman: 5 to 8 quart systems

The BEST Friction Proofer and Engine Restorative!


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Inside this little 10 cc syringe is enough Snake Oil to last a FULL YEAR!

I recommend you use only 1/2 the syringe after your next oil change, then the rest after about 6 months. If your engine is already pretty worn, you can go ahead and add it now, and then add the OTHER half with your next change, whenever that may be. This will allow the concentration in your system to be high enough to repair all the damage your engine has already experienced.

One (VERY happy!) customer had a tractor that had been under water for over three days. When he finally got around to cleaning it and getting it running again, it was burning so much oil, he couldn't stand to be NEAR the thing! He added only 5 cc's and in less than 2 HOURS, it had COMPLETELY stopped burning oil, and the exhaust smelled better than it EVER HAD!

While most people never had this happen to their engines, this shows just how effective this additive REALLY IS!!!

And this will SAFELY extend the life of your oil changes by TWO to FOUR TIMES!!!

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