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Snakes beware! I'm coming after you!

I bet you’re wondering

“WTF is ‘Snake Oil’?”


When you think about the phrase “Snake Oil” it doesn’t really bring up any GOOD feelings, now does it?


But when I came up with our new oil additive and saw what it was doing for me, and what it was doing for the people I shared it with, it turned out to be something that could be called by no other name. That’s how this stuff performs.


Imagine, if you will, taking a small syringe and adding less than a tablespoon of a strange milky substance to your oil. “This little thing?” you think. “What could it possibly do to help me?”


More, that it seems so inconsequential, “What harm could it possibly do?”


That’s when you squirt it into your oil. You start the engine. It starts like it always has, but in a few seconds, you hear something different start happening. It sounds quieter. Smoother. And all those little ticks and jiggles seem to fade into nothingness.


“Hmm… Now THAT’S interesting!” you say to yourself.


And then you step into the driver’s seat and drop it into gear. That’s when the REAL magic starts happening.

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Here’s what
100% Pure Snake Oil by Gadgetman
did for some of our clients.

I put this goop into my crankcase and it’s like I’m driving a NEW VEHICLE! I can blow any 8-cylinder truck off the line.

William M

Ocean City, MD

I put this Snake Oil into my engine and I noticed it was just in perfect harmony and rhythm. Wow!

This stuff is AMAZING!

Michael Lee

Foreston, Minnesota

I’ve got two vehicles I’ve treated with Snake Oil, and it’s like I’m running on greased glass!

Tracy G.

Reno, NV

Before Snake Oil,
my 95 F-150 was using over 1-1/2 quarts of oil a week.
It hasn’t used a drop since,
and we’re close to 36 MPG’s!

William Menge

Bethel, Alaska

I put Snake Oil in my car and now it drives so much nicer and I’ve noticed
my gas is lasting almost twice as long!


Ft. Collins Colorado

I added Snake Oil to my diesel truck, and it used to pump black smoke.
Now I can’t get it to smoke at all!

Mick Legris


Snake Oil by Gadgetman

A Revolutionary New Additive Taking the World by Storm!

What started with a thought some thirty years ago never fully departed. On the 29th of July, 2019, as chance would have it, Ron was speaking with a man who sent him to a site. A mis-typed URL, and he wound up starting an adventure that has already changed the lives of hundreds of people. After doing some patent searches on a new discovery, he became fascinated.

He was researching the uses and the products available on the market when it hit him: “They’re doing it all WRONG! If I use THIS stuff, I can make it DOUBLE-strong, make it available for less than HALF that price, and have it ready in WEEKS!!!”

Already in use by major corporations, no one else was trying to give the people the best that could be created. Corporations were all using INFERIOR compounds that did similar things, AND they were charging an arm and a LEG for it. Far too many people are on the quest for the ‘almighty dollar’ they forget one simple truth.

When all is said and done, you will measure your life not by what you have accumulated, but by what you have left behind. That’s how Ron has lived now for over 20 years, and you can tell by the evidence of his passage in the hearts and minds of the people he has known.

When all is said and done, you will measure your life not by what you have accumulated, but by what you have left behind. Ron Hatton

Gadgetman Groove


 “Judge a tree by the quality of its fruit.” is his recommendation to all.

Since he’s NEVER liked secrets, he’s given us permission to tell you what his “Secret Ingredient” is, so you can see WHY he chose THIS compound for his magical formula.It’s called…

Biggest Hurdle

The biggest hurdle he faced turned out to be his Hillbilly accent. He has had to prove to many “academicians” that COUNTRY does NOT equal “Dumb.” He reached out to many suppliers who refused to accept his requests for lab supplies.

Hillbilly Love

Until he contacted one company that listened to him and took him seriously.

They were in Tennessee, of course, the HOME of the HILLBILLIES!

A Lubricant for the People


The Fortune 100 companies had a ‘lock on this stuff until Ron stumbled on a post that gave it a name. Then, he made it a reality.

Happy Customers

“I’ve applied Ron’s Snake Oil to three of my vehicles, and all THREE are running WAY better! I’ve seen improvements in power, mileage

Joel Marshall

“The engine was now running noticeably smoother than it has in years.”

Tracy G.

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