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Snakes beware! I'm coming after you!

I bet you’re wondering

“Just what exactly IS this ‘Snake Oil’?”

When you think about the phrase “Snake Oil” it doesn’t really bring up any GOOD feelings, now does it?

But when I came up with our new oil additive and saw what it was doing for me, and what it was doing for the people I shared it with, it turned out to be something that could be called by no other name. That’s how this stuff performs.

Imagine, if you will, taking a small syringe and adding less than a tablespoon of a strange milky substance to your oil. “This little thing?” you think. “What harm could it possibly do?”

More, that it seems so inconsequential, “What could it possibly do to HELP???”

That’s when you squirt it into your oil. You start the engine. It starts like it always has, but in a few seconds, you hear something different start happening. It sounds quieter. Smoother. And all those little ticks and jiggles seem to fade into nothingness.

“Hmm… Now THAT’S interesting!” you say to yourself.

And then you step into the driver’s seat and drop it into gear. That’s when the REAL magic starts happening.

And we’re GIVING money away, too!
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Here’s what
100% Pure Snake Oil by Gadgetman
did for some of our clients.

Before Snake Oil,
my 95 F-150 was using over 1-1/2 quarts of oil a week.
It hasn’t used a drop since,
and we’re close to 36 MPG’s!

John Haroldson

Bethel, Alaska

We added 100% Pure Snake Oil to the engine
of our 2013 Toyota Venza
which has over 120,000 Miles.
My car now drives much smoother,
and my gas is lasting twice as long as ever.
We’re saving money!
So, thank you for the amazing product.


Ft. Collins Colorado

I added Snake Oil to my diesel truck, and it used to pump black smoke.
Now I can’t get it to smoke at all!

Mick Legris


Wow what a difference!
My car runs super smooth, accelerates well, runs quieter.
So, Snake Oil is a wonderful product.
Thank you for the Snake Oil. I recommend it to everyone.

Tracy Gallaway

Reno, Nevada

I put Snake Oil in my engine and my transmission.
This is some pretty neat stuff for it to put something that small into your engine
and have that kind of reaction where you’ve got good gas mileage,
you’ve got more energy or and you have a quiet engine!
I thought I’d let you know how much it’s done for my car

Teresa Schmuelgen

Reno, Nevada

We added 100% Pure Snake Oil
to the power steering system of our 2008 Honda Accord
which has 180,000 miles.
There used to be a creaking and cranking noise
in the steering gear at low speeds,
but those noises are completely gone now.
Thank you!


A Few Comments from our Customers

“It runs/drives so much better than it has in Years.

Here’s the Kicker–today I went to Smog Check it. It usually needed the carb idle mix screws tweaked a quarter turn lean to pass.

Not Today, it passed first time,
w/ No adjustments! “

“The Snake Oil from Ron is the engine restore you need to use!

The buick feels like it has 20k miles lifted from its Odometer at a minimum, the engine just runs better and some of the normal old engine smells and ticks are gone.

You gotta getcha some of this stuff, its worth the few dollars to spend for your engine. “

“The reduction in exhaust leak sound, plus the idle quality and sound, are probably the most dramatic improvements of those type I’ve ever witnessed!”  “I’ve Snake Oil’ed 5 engines/vehicles so far, and every one has shown major improvements in driveability, idle quality, throttle response, and more.

And now 2 of them have had exhaust manifold leaks quiet down too!

“Before the oil change and all the Snake Oil additions, ‘ol Subie was averaging about 25-26 MPG in combined driving in Reno.

Final result: 0.805 gallon of gas used in 50.1 miles= 62.236 MPG. This can round up to “just a tad less than 62 1/4 MPG” !!” 


 “I added Snake Oil to the engine oil, which has maybe 3-400 miles on it. It started quickly w/ the ignition key, for a change.

Like the 2 Subaru’s it ran noticeably smoother and quieter last evening.

So, if you read this far, I’ll say this: Snake Oil is REVOLUTIONARY!
It has not only given easily felt results, it did it INSTANTLY. I’ve never seen results like this before, period.”

“My MPG was averaging in the mid 20’s.

It runs so much smoother, lifter tick has nearly disappeared,
it starts easier/faster, and power is coming back.

Today, it has gotten even Smoother and acceleration is improving further.

It ALSO appears that MPG is going up-I did a fillup, and MPG’s have moved closer to
30 MPG’s!”

“Applied Ron’s amazing SO and took it around the block to test for leaks.

When I got back from the test run, parked it, I noticed the engine was running smoother than it ever has!!

There is something truly amazing going on here! The loudest part of the engine was the fan!”



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