Have you been Snake Bit?


The Snake Bite Contest is open to all customers and clients who have applied 100% Pure Snake Oil to their vehicles and/or other equipment.


I only call it a “Contest” because you can have a big effect on who I award some money to. Really, it’s just a gift. My way of giving something back for helping spread the word about this amazing solution for so many troubles we have to work with when we own a piece of equipment such as a vehicle.

Here’s the deal. Any person that has applied our 100% Pure Snake Oil to their engines (et al) and has something to say about it, please do! It’s real simple.

  1. Call into our Snake Bite Report Hotline at (+1) 406-686-3291 from anywhere in the world.
    Once you connect, leave your report about what adding Snake Oil
    has meant to you and your family. (it’s limited to 3 minutes).

  2. Send a picture of your ride (and yourself beside or in it, if you can!)
    to SnakeOil@SnakeOil.WTF
    within 2 hours of the call, along with your contact info.
    (I’m not a real stickler for deadlines, but this one is important!)

  3. The audio from the report you leave will be converted into a video,
    using the pic you send as the background, and uploaded to
    our 100% Pure Snake Oil YouTube Channel
    (subscribe and click the bell so you can get notified when it’s uploaded!)

  4. On the sixth day of the month,
    analytics on the reports posted the previous month will be examined
    and the counts tallied.
    Videos that have had 7 FULL days since uploading
    will be looked at, and the 4 videos with the highest number
    of AVERAGE daily views will be the WINNERS.

  5. The amounts to be paid to those reporters will be as follows:
    4th Highest: $10.
    2nd and 3rd highest: $20.
    The reporter that gets the highest number for their first 7 days will get
    a check for $50!

  6. On the 6th of February 2020, all videos posted December 1st, 2019
    through February 28th, 2020 will be examined again.
    The report that received the highest number
    of average daily views will earn the reporter
    a respectable paycheck of
    $500 U.S. Dollars!

  7. Beginning in March,
    this will change to a MONTHLY award of $100
    to the person whose video gets the highest average daily
    views for that calendar month.

  8. Enter as often as you like.
    After all, some benefits are immediate,
    some will only be apparent over time.
    When you notice something happening to your ride,
    CALL IN AGAIN and send a fresh photo.

  9. These rules may be modified at any time.
    This is because I’m just learning how to do this, so…
    The latest information will be the rule of the day.

Promoting your video by sharing it with your friends and family, on your social media channels, wherever you want to share the link is encouraged! I want you all to have fun, and it doesn’t matter who has posted BEFORE your report, because THIS award is going to the person that gets the highest number of views, but AVERAGED over the number of days it has been up (or for the calendar month, starting in March)!


In other words, If someone has 1,000 views and it’s been up for 60 days (16.667 per day), and yours has 900, but only been up for 45 days (or 25 or 10) then you will be getting the check! In the event of a tie in viewership, the winner will be decided by the average view time.

So, if you HAVE got Snake oil in your engine, then call in to the Snake Bite Report Hotline at 406-686-3291 right now, and get me a picture of you and your ride, emailed to
Snakebite@SnakeBite.WTF and we’ll get your video up on the YouTube Channel (remember to subscribe and click the bell thingy!) and you can start promoting it for the BIG WIN!!!

And if you HAVEN’T got Snake Oil in your ride yet, then CLICK HERE and get the Complete Care Package for only $189 USDĀ (plus shipping). Every day you don’t have this in your engine, you lose! So ORDER NOW!

With Snake Oil, EVERYBODY wins!

I love you guys.

You are all part of my Family.

The greater Family of Man.

Ron Hatton
Developer of Snake Oil
(and The Gadgetman Groove)