Hexagonal Boron Nitride

The name Hexagonal Boron Nitride should be enough for you to start digging into what makes this additive so unique. If you want us to make it easier for you, check out what Wikipedia has to say about it!

Trust us when we say that THIS stuff is going to REVOLUTIONIZE the lubrication market. And he had the opportunity to be the very FIRST to make it available to the public.

There are thousands of pages of laboratory studies from universities and professors with more letters AFTER their names than most people have IN theirs, you will soon be overwhelmed with the data stream. But after a few days of reading those documents, not only was he overwhelmed, but TIRED of reading the same conclusions, and he was ready to take ACTION.

After doing some research into its uses, characteristics and benefits, as well as ordering a bunch of new lab equipment and other supplies, he was ready to start fabricating some.

Here’s a picture of what it does on a microscopic level:And the information we have just discovered is it will heal perhaps 0.100″ wear, on EACH SURFACE!!!

Gadgetman’s Snake Oil has been tested in vehicles and machinery all around the world by now, and the reports are coming in from AMAZED clients everywhere at not only how WELL his Snake Oil is working, but at how FAST it goes to work as well! Starting with the smallest 5 cc application for engines, we have a surprising reorder rate of over 60%! Now, our average order is over $220, with some ordering over $2,000 worth for their family, friends and business vehicles.

12 countries.

184 customers.

110 reorders.

All in less than 60 days.

Some people have seen the effects after only a couple of MINUTES. Even real ‘Girly-Girls‘ can tell that something GOOD has happened when they drive an engine that has been treated with only a few cc’s of it being applied.

You should try a shot of Snake Oil for YOURSELF! The smallest application is only $29, and you WILL see something wonderful when you put it in your engine.

And usually in less than 5 minutes!

Here’s a partial list of what you can expect to happen:

  • Improves Compression
  • Reduces Valve Clatter
  • Quiets Engine Noise
  • Restore Lost Oil Pressure
  • Cleans All Surfaces
  • Plates All Surfaces over 90% as Hard as Diamonds!
  • Reduces Friction
  • Safely Extends Oil Life by 2 to 4 TIMES!
  • Cooler Operating Temperatures
  • Get Better Mileage (reports are coming in with increases over 35%!)

To name a few.

I fully expect this product to be the HOTTEST SELLING ITEM IN MY HISTORY!

I can ship as many as 5 doses in a single container, and shipping is a measly $7.90 for all Domestic Orders!

Comes in an easy-to-use 10 ml syringe. Just add it into your oil at the next oil change and watch MIRACLES HAPPEN!Hidden throughout the text in this page and the home page are a number of educational and entertaining links.
See how many YOU can find!

Happy Customers

“I’ve applied Ron’s Snake Oil to three of my vehicles, and all THREE are running WAY better! I’ve seen improvements in power, mileage

Joel Marshall

“The engine was now running noticeably smoother than it has in years.”

Tracy G.

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