Distributorships Now Available

Information about starting a distriburtorship in your region

The Snake Oil Product Line is demonstrating not only tremendous RESULSTS, but also tremendous APPEAL to engine owners and operators all over the world.

Since international shipping is so expensive, we are now considering opening this up to international markets through a distributorship program.

A minimum investment will be required of $25,000 USD to secure the rights to your country. Included in this price will be an amount of product packaged and delivered (plus freight and customs) that would equate to $50,000 in cash value.

For a sample package, we make them available for each of our surprising products. We will provide packages of 20 doses of the product of your choice for a discounted price of 30%. Minimum purchase is of 20 units for each product.

You will be required to provide additional information on your market area as well as your ability to deliver them in a way that makes sense, and a retail price cap guarantee. You will only be permitted to market within your geographical region, agreed to at acceptance of all terms and conditions.

If you are interested in establishing a market in your area, send an email with all particulars to Distributorships@SnakeOil.WTF as soon as possible. While applications will be treated on a First-Come, First-Served basis, priority will be given according to in-house guidelines.

We intend to see that all persons, all over the world, have the opportunity to be blessed with this amazing technology, and look forward to establishing viable relationships with businesspersons in every nation to help achieve this most appealing goal.

Everyone wins with this technology.

Help us deliver it to The World.


Ronald E. Hatton
Developer of Snake Oil

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